Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Autism up-date

Blackpool Pleasure Beach - will accept DLA or PIP or blue badge as long as you have a valid photo ID of the person.


From a member of the forum...

If any autism families are planning a visit to Blackpool Pleasure Beach this year, please be aware they have changed the requirements for EvE (Entry via Exit) wristbands (as I have just found out after booking tickets for this weekend?).

If the individual doesn’t qualify for higher rate mobility, then DLA/PIP letters are not accepted. Doctors letters are now required (dated within 12 months of visit) which actually state that the individual has difficulty queuing (they are not interested in the diagnosis). They also require photo ID.

More worryingly though, the email I’ve received from them seems to state that all tickets now have to be collected at the main ticket centre and then you have to go to guest services to get them exchanged for EvE bands. If this is the case, they clearly do not understand Autism. Making everyone queue in the main centre (which is a horrible experience for those without Autism), then queue again in guest services before families even start their day, shows how little awareness they actually have of the difficulties that individuals with autism face.

The pleasure beach was one of the few places my kids actually enjoyed visiting and I fear this will now be our last trip. 
Think there will be a lot of very stressed and disappointed families arriving who aren’t aware of these changes ?

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