30 hours nursery entitlement with an EHCP

Just thought I'd keep you up to speed on our situation so you can keep other members informed.

My son is the first child in Cumbria Cc to be eligible for 30 hours nursery entitlement with an EHCP. We have been appealing with the LA to have the EHCP package increased to 30 hours rather than the 15. Today we have had confirmation that a new policy is in place stating that an EHCP package of up to 30 hours is now available, with up to 24 hours being funded by the LA and the rest to be provided by the setting. Although this is fantastic news, parents need to be very careful to ensure they receive this entitlement.

I have been told today by a member of the LA that letters will be sent to all parents who are eligible for this but only those parents who respond to these letters will receive it. It will not be automatically given. I would just like to pre-warn parents that they need to check the wording of such letters carefully and ensure they respond to these them in order to receive the entitlement.

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