Section A of an EHC Plan

PartA_EHCP_April16 _For consultation


DRAFT Short Breaks Statement for Cumbria

Please find attached the draft revised short break statement for Cumbria. We would like to consult with parents carers on this. I would be grateful if you could publish this through the PCF and ask parent carers how they would wish to be consulted. We could consult electronically with parent carers sending their comments through email to or through the Facebook page 'Cumbria Parent Carer Forum'. We could also arrange meetings in each area of the county to meet with parent carers. Or we could do both. We really want to get the input from families and children to make this document useful to them and representative of their views. If you could feedback views you receive, I will respond through the PCF.

GN - Scheduel 1 - Draft for Consultation - Short Breaks Services Statement 2016.docx

Many thanks

Mary Mulligan - Area Service Manager Inclusion (Carlisle and Eden) - Childrens Services

 Healthy Child Programme Consultation Information

Healthy Child Programme Consultation Information (Word doc)

Consultation Day February 2014 Energus Workington - Results of consultation and key issues for parents.

(Newest Files at Top)

Report on Service user feedback PCF May 2018

05.05.18 Timeline

2018.03.21 Meeting with Cumbria CC Transport Feedback Report

School Transport update 2016 .DOC

GN - Scheduel 1 - updated Draft for Consultation - Short Breaks Services Statement 2016 (3)

Evaluation of the Parents Consultation with regards SEN reforms results.doc

Send reforms working group - feedback.docx

Consultation day questions form leads.docx

Consultation Day personal budgets.docx

Consultation Day personal budgets.docx

Consultation Day Local Offer and website.docx

Consultation Day 16-25 (1).docx

Consultation Day 0-16 EHCP's report.docx




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